Fully automatic curving of any kind of sheet metal profile

Our Curvemax Roll-former is a state of the art and technically advanced machine. It has a variety of impressive production abilities including the ability to produce roofing sheets in excess of 25 metres that are transportable. Our curving machine has the capability to curve sheets to convex, concave, waveform or multi-radii profiles in one single process We are able to smooth curve sheets to 1.2 metre convex and 3 metre concave dependant on material and gauge.

Curving to a greater radius is achievable, depending on design criteria. Please contact our technical department to discuss your requirement. Curvemax Roll-former can naturally curve to 40 metres dependant on material and gauge. Where curving is required in other materials (i.e Copper, Zinc, Coated Steel and Stainless Steel) please consult with our technical department for the curving parameters as they vary slightly from those for aluminium and are dependant on the gauge and on the paint of the material.

Standingseam onsite Curver

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