Recyclingfurnace WASTEmax

from glass to wood chips, from plastics to stone wool

suitable for the thermal treatment of powders, granules and bulk solids under different process gas atmospheres.


Typical processes:

  • Calcining of fine powders
  • Recycling of valuable materials
  • Thermal decomposition (pyrolysis)


Industrial furnace plants of KMF set for years yardsticks for efficient energy use, highest process stability and plant security. By using state-of-the-art process technology in our furnace plants, we can sustainably contribute to reducing CO2 emissions and exploit all potential savings in the current economic environment.


Modernization of existing kilns:

  • Increasing energy efficiency and reducing pollutant emissions through state-of-the-art burner technology
  • Optimized control technology
  • Integration in PIS (Planed Information Systems)
  • Exhaust gas cleaning with integrated combustion air preheating
  • Increasing energy efficiency through reuse of exhaust air and exhaust gas flows

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