Operation by OEM model

Guaranteed alloy purity on-site and liquid back transport

Smooth start into the on-site recycling technology with the risk-free operation by OEM model of KMF. Derive profit from KMF’s latest and most innovative furnace technology and use all the know-how of a furnace manufacturer in its new role as the OEM operator. Benefit 100% from recycled, i.e. recovered metal with guaranteed alloy purity and immediate liquid return transport into your melting furnaces.

With the output of a KMF system operated in form of an OEM model you profit from the following advantages:

  • Highest efficiency of a state-of-the-art melting furnace (KMF provides furnace & equipment on-site)
  • No CAPEX
  • OPEX only – pay per recycled quantity
  • alloy purity
  • No transport costs
  • No storage costs
  • No administrative costs
  • KnowHow transfer step-by-step and on request fade-out of KMF as OEM and acceptance by customers possible

Get started in the field of recycling and contact us directly regarding the diverse options of the OEM operator model

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