The company KMF - Vision & Mission

KMF is a leading international company for process engineering, plant construction and mechanical engineering. KMF combines the competences in the field of technology, engineering, production of components and service for turn-key plants, that can be found worldwide.
Fundamental for this leading position of KMF on the international markets is the wide spectrum of innovative, KMF-owned procedures which are constantly enlarged.

Demanding high standards.

  • We face the economic and technical challenges of our future.
  • We see our future in a modern, privately owned company. Thereon we orientate our activities.
  • We promote by customerfocused solutions the success of our clients.
  • We regard the future as a challenge, for that we are ready to adjust.
  • We live in constant change and thereby live it.
  • We require personal initiative, competence and engagement and further personal freedom and responsibility.

We are proud of what we have achieved, thus securing our future.

Defining the way to our success.

KMF is a part of – and takes part in – the national and international competition. In all sectors we strive for competitive advantages to strengthen our actual market position and find new market segments.

We offer our customers high quality products and service at its best. The quality among each step of our value-chain is a main principle of the KMF philosophy. By the continuous improvement of the employed technologies, we are able to guarantee highest standards.

Inhouse career is no matter of blind accident. Anyone showing engagement, creativity, managerial and team spirit will find free space for personal development. Induvidually chosen and adapted educational programs can guarantee many perspectives of professional development.

We strive to maintain the equilibrium between demands of the society, our clients and our employees.

The KMF strategy is based on its vision Focusing on the strategic core competences.

  • Concentrating on innovations and determined, creative communication with our suppliers and clients.
  • Establishing new methodes of production, optimizing the logisitics and the supply-chain-management.
  • Disclosing and exploiting new channels of distribution in order to reach all customers, anywhere.
  • Expanding our business areas.
  • Expansion of our e-business and IT-communications facilities to ease communications with our customers and suppliers.


This strategy will cause permanent structural and organizational changes. What remains the same over time, will be the principles of responsibility for our customers demands. Furthermore local as well as international aspects will have to be integrated into this process of change.


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