Customer demands set our standards.

Dealing with our customers on a daily basis, we have learned a lot about their needs and demands. Therefore we have developed the following skills:

  • Consulting and analysis,
  • Just-in-time production and delivery,
  • Interactive communication and information,
  • State of the art production and services,
  • Smooth handling of any possible complaints,

as integrated parts of our customer orientation.

Not to forget consultation on the building site, as well as dealing with all sorts of technical problems that might arise. The high level of support will give our customers the chance to face competition even more sophisticatedly on the global markets of tomorrow.


The methode behind our quality.

TQM bases on an active and certified quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000. Starting from the controlls at the suppliers to the metalurgic testing, identity-, surface- and dimensions-comtroll to final technical testings and sometimes destructive tests for special welded parts, all parts leaving our production are either checked ramdomly or on a 100% basis.

prevention instead of detection…

…is the simple, but challenging attitude of the KMF quality assurance team. The benchmark for our production is “zero defects” thus leading to improved production processes. The testing is shifted from the end of the production line, where the finished goods are checked, towards a more simultaneous approach, accompanying the whole process itself. The employee with his/her knowledge remains the most valuable part in this quality circle. Our TQM-system is adjusted to nearly all products made of steel – guaranteeing our customers reliability and functionality of their purchase.

any company is just as good as its employees

The employees of KMF are acquainted with a lot about the specific conditions of the market, the technology and the production processes, thus knowing which inhouse competences centers have to be joined for a specific project. They accompany the customers during the whole production process, analyzing the situation and coordinating the appropriate team-members for the execution of an order.

Customer expectations and requirements are secured by certain production- and testing guidlines and handbooks, stored in our CRM-database, evaluated, giving KMF the possibility to redefine processes and audit its own quality management accourding to the level of fulfillment. This quality-feedback circle (feed-back and feed-forward loop) is the basis for the continuous improvement approach at KMF.

The selection and determination of the QM/QA-elements for our quality management handbooks are based on the specific characterisitics of KMF production-lines as well as the ensuring of a reasonable cost-benefit-relation.

first step towards the perfect solution

Any step in our production – even the most unimportant – bears potential for rationalization and streamlining to increase efficency. Continuous improvement laid down in our quality policy is therefore a job that will never end, as the goal – to reach the highest qualitylevel possible – always remains . The KMF teams make all efforts needed to reach these benchmarks and also help their customers on their approach towards an integrated quality system.


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