Tilting Rotary Furnaces MASTERmax

Get a Tilting Rotary Furnaces MASTERmax!

Aluminium-recycling with unimagined possibilities in new efficiency
Efficient Aluminium recycling with our hybrid tilting rotary furnace from KMF

KMF‘s innovative technical developments set the standards for the efficient recycling of aluminium with our hybrid tilting rotary furnaces. Performance leadership to us means bringing the best possible product performance together with the best possible delivery of service. With KMF you have a provider of comprehensive solutions.

  • Provider of innovative and proven recycling systems
  • Built to size, scaled precisely to your requirements
  • Design of user friendly furnace systems incl. peripherals
  • Qualified consulting and implementation including lifetime service

MASTERmax – Most Advanced System of Recycling

The only tilting rotary furnace available worldwide which permits every kind of slag operation, conventionally fluid or dry low salt. A fully automated recycling solution also for contaminated inhouse and purchased scrap (batches from 6 to 25 tonnes).

Advantages to you from a single source:

  • Highly user friendly because of automated process management
  • Reproducible workfl ows because of innovative and proven sensor technology
  • Constantly high utility because of unique defi nition between metal and slag phases
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Switch between liquid and solid salt operation possible
  • High plant and operating reliability
  • Short-term amortisation

Ludger Alsmann

Head of Project Management Process Engineering

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