Wear protection

Different application technologies available

For a smooth operation regular maintenance and long service life are indispensable and important.

The advantage of a provider that does not depend on a system solution is that KMF is not bound to a special wear protection solution, but selects and uses the optimum product for the respective application (taking into account the customer preferences).

Currently the wear protection coatings of KMF are successful in all 5 continents, in more than 40 countries under the hardest conditions. KMF offers a leading system solution by using various production methods and only certified raw materials.


Our application technologies, which we pursue:

Wear protection with hard materials:

  • Hard surfacing through welding Technology flexible geometry is possible, material for example Chrome-Boron-Welding wire
  • Flame spraying (sinter process for Wolfram carbide) Combination wear and corrosion protection, materials for example wolfram carbide wire, zinc wire
  • Welding of hard metal-plates – material for example wolfram carbide
  • Bonding ceramic-plates – material for example aluminum oxide, silicon nitride, silicon carbide


Wear protection with soft materials:

  • Plastic surfaces through bonding engineering to custom-fit coating by using: e.g: Polyurethane, rubber and special rubber compounds


Eligible snail wear protection:

Wear protection engineering in special application of the screw helix in the dewatering decanters or rather classification centrifuges and screw conveyor depending on the loading conditions.


Our services:

  • Condition analysis / wear protection – monitoring
  • Preventive maintenance through on-site analysis, endoscopy and monitoring systems
  • Design of new and repair coating
  • Restoration through coating and assembly on-site
  • Service and maintenance contract
  • Tailor-made KMF wear protection solutions
  • Consulting-service
    offering and education on-site
  • Life time guarantees
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) based on the IoT-Approach (Internet of Things)

Alexander Knaller, EWE

Head Milling Division

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E-Mail: alexander.knaller@kmf.at


ISO 9001

TÜV Austria

KMF is certified to ISO 9001 and a number of certificates confirming the standards of welding technologies and safety technologies.

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