Service and support

Plant Engineering, Automation and Assembly

3D-Design and Simulation

Using its own engineering departments, KMF builds complete plant and machine components for all areas, from the basic concept with all production drawing, calculations including FEM methods, as well as all corresponding information, parts lists and documentation. The drawings will be designed with help of a modern 3D software according to the latest ISO-standards and said models could be made available to you.


When designing and/or further developing your existing equipment, we always apply our experience and take into account your special requirements. We will gladly create new concepts for you until reaching a complete solution based on the newest standards of science and technology.

Assembly and service on-site

Our range of services includes preventive maintenance as well as maintenance contracts for your machines park.

With KMF you will receive everything from one provider for example:

  • Inspection and endoscopy
  • Mobile vibration measurement
  • Full documentation and qualified condition assessment
  • Damage recording and analysis on-site
  • Repairs with innovative methods
  • Preparation of a damage report including complete components documentation
  • If necessary, disassembly, removal and repair at our plant

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