Wet Bulb Mills

Wet bulb mills from laboratory scale to 10,000 kW grinding efficiency

The breaking down of industry minerals from white ore sector (kaolin, calcium carbonate and talc) as well as the not white ore segments (copper, gold, platinum, silver) in the primary grinding or regrinding after the flotation, will be taken to a higher level through the milling technology of KMF. Unimaginable possibilities in the reconditioning of not yet effective foothills mining and a chance to improve with minimum residual ore will now be possible.


Facts that speak for themselves:

  • More than 230 milling units installed worldwide
  • More than 400 megawatt grinding efficiency installed
  • Grinding competency to a grain size of < 1 µm
  • More than 170 high efficiency classifiers installed
  • Highly resistant surface technologies of all product specifications in use
  • Highest grinding efficiency allows savings through very low grinding energy  consumption

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