Smelting technology from the worldwide leader

Recycling with unimaginable possibilities with new efficiency thanks to the industry concepts by KMF. The innovative technological developments from KMF set a standard in the thermal processing of non-ferrous metals, their slags, chips, scrapes and other residual materials.

With KMF you will have the expert solutions provider by your side.

  • We offer innovative and widely proven recycling systems
  • In graded sizes, exactly for individual requirements
  • Designing of easily operated furnace systems including periphery
  • Qualified consultancy and implementation with Lifetime-Service


All advantages given by one provider

  • Higher ease of operation through automatic process control of the furnace
  • Reproducible processes through innovative and tested sensors
    • Constantly high yield through unique selectivity in between the metal and slag phases
    • Lowest possible energy costs
    • Higher facilities and operational safety > 350 days/year
    • Possibility to switch between low salt and fluid slags-operation mode
    • Rapid amortization

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