Required competences demand a strong partner.

KMF products are manufactured and assembled with the highest possible perfection. Due to the modern machinery and production technologies, combined with responsible employees KMF stands as a guarantor for high quality.

A continuous improvement process for all these input factors like qualification of the workforce and operators, information systems efficency, motivation, responsibility and commitment has been established to systematically ensure the way of KMF towards TQM.

Efficent manufacturing methodes with a minimum of interfaces allow an economic and smooth production.

Based on its certified and externally auditied quality-management system, that is applied in all divisions of the company, KMF can not only ensure to maintain the quality standards of today, but will be able to provide an even higher level for its customers in the future.

The customer focused product-philosophy of KMF has proven as very efficent due to its pragmatic advantages – products and systems that are easy to use and quickly to be assembled – an unbeatable combination.

All KMF-products are constructed according to the newest technical rules and are identified with the security-certification of CE.

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